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Email is one of the best ways to reach your customers without new technology or software.

But are you maximizing the value of your email marketing? It's not always as easy as hitting "send."

  • There are numerous red flags that can send your email straight to spam folder: low open rates, misleading subject lines, CAN-SPAM Act requirements, trigger words, and so much more.
  • Three out of five emails sent are opened on mobile phones or tablets. Mobile responsive emails are a must in today's email environment.
  • Why are open rates and click rates important? What do they mean, and how can you improve them?

As easy and effective as email can be, it's not as simple as it seems. A La Kart Marketing is an expert in email marketing — we'll help you with everything from growing your list to coding beautiful emails, allowing you to connect with your audiences.


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Beautifully Designed

We create beautifully designed emails in your email platform.


Designed with desktop, tablet and mobile views in mind


We'll track all opens, clicks and conversions based on metrics related to your business goals

List Growth

We'll provide techniques to increase the opt-ins and value of your list.


Welcome emails for new subscribers, order invoices and receipts, and more


Integrate your shop to recover abandoned carts, up-sell or cross-sell products, and increase purchase conversions

Would you like to maximize the value of email marketing?

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