Made-to-Measure Tailoring

From Alan Flusser


A Different Kind of Made-to-Measure

The Silhouette

Our Made-to-Measure garments are a reflection of the house style we’ve developed and refined throughout 30+ years of custom tailoring. We emphasize a soft-styled design – the jacket is shaped, with natural shoulders, high armholes, and light full-canvas construction. We like a little fullness in the chest and shoulder blades with a trim waist, which offers a masculine silhouette and a louche, easy elegance that is supremely comfortable to wear.

THe Make

MTM garments are based on our block pattern, individually tailored to the client’s specific measurements and body posture. We hand-sew the garments where it counts the most – working by hand is the only way to ensure the correct tension in the cloth is achieved, providing extra comfort and range of motion in the jacket armhole and a precise fit around the curve of the collar. We hand-finish the lapels and pockets, and all alterations and buttonholes are finished in our New York City workshop.

Our Process



Initial Consultation

Introductory Conversation
Fabric Selection and Design



Initial Try-On Garments
Fit Assessment



Final Try-On Garments
Finishing Touches



Wear and Enjoy


The Made-to-Measure Blazer

Select cloths from $1,600



We provide the same level of guidance with our made-to-measure program as with our custom. First and foremost, the clothes are designed and tailored in order to flatter the individual. We pay special attention to three key issues: the proportion of the garments, the color of fabrics along with the complexion of the client, and the performance and character of the fabric.



We design clothing with 10+ years of fashion longevity, by focusing especially on the length of the jacket, the width and height of the lapels, the position of the waist button, and the line of the trouser.


We advise which colors make a man look his best, and why. We suggest colors and patterns that complement one’s complexion and lead the eye of the viewer to the face of the person wearing the clothes.


We advise the ideal weight and type of cloth based on each person’s individual needs. From the right year-round worsted wool business suit to the ideal shade of grey flannel pant.


Our Made-to-Measure Offerings



Whether you need a suit every day for work, or are looking for something for special occasions or simply to wear leisurely, our suits are designed to be comfortable, flattering, and easy to wear all day. From $2,395.

Sport Jackets

Our sport jackets and blazers are offered in two models. One is our house style with a lightweight full-canvas construction, which gives shape and molds to your body over time. We also offer an unconstructed model with no canvas and no shoulder pad for the ultimate in knockabout comfort. From $1,495 in select blazer fabrics.


Odd-trousers for every setting: from go-to grey worsted wools to casual tan cotton moleskins and everything in between. Fully made-to-measure with a host of style details, such as our hand-sewn tab and buckle waistband. From $750.


We specialize in black-tie dinner clothes. It is one of the most complex complete ensembles to design properly, and we remove the guesswork to create elegant evening clothes. We also enjoy making “creative” formalwear – such as velvet, corduroy, or tartan dinner jackets with separate formal trousers. 2-piece formalwear from $2,495. 3-piece tuxedos from $2,795



We offer iconic camel-hair polo coats, traditional wool flannel chesterfields, and robust double-breasted peak lapels models made in our soft and luxurious cut. Whatever the choice, it will become the overcoat you reach for every time. From $1,895.


The two pivotal parts of a shirt’s design are the collar and the cuffs. We design the proper collar shape and scale for your face, and ensure the cuffs are trim enough to sit properly on the wrist. Made in our factory in Turkey with exceptional 2-ply cotton fabrics, our MTM shirts are delivered within 3 weeks once your pattern is established. From $225. Read more about our shirts.