CUSTOM Clothing Designed and made in New York for 35 years


Alan Flusser Custom Tailoring

Over thirty years ago, Alan Flusser launched his custom clothing company in New York City. The following year, the shop’s clothes appeared in the movie Wall Street and jump-started the business. The Flusser in-house silhouette articulates the company’s guiding mission – that each custom garment provides its owner with no less than twenty years of stylish longevity.


On Design

We curate our favorite fabrics; we design each client’s silhouette to individually elongate and slim; we create a dress shirt collar shape that smartens the face and a shirt sleeve cuff that correctly dresses the hand.


On EducatiON

We propose specific colors and patterns to flatter each client’s unique complexion and physique; we instruct how to tie the ideal necktie knot, fold the pocket hank, choose the ideal footwear; we coordinate complete outfits from head to toe.


On Execution

We tailor, fit, adjust, buttonhole, finish, and press by hand each garment to the highest quality standard before delivery.




In fact, he literally wrote the book on it: Dressing the Man. The Alan FluSSER Custom Shop provides the premier custom tailoring experience in New York City.


Our House Style

The Alan Flusser house style has been developed throughout nearly fourty years of experience designing and tailoring custom clothing, and is rooted in deep knowledge of what makes a man look his best. It is a soft-styled design – a blend of tailored elegance and sportswear casualness. The jackets have a soft natural shoulder with an “updated drape” silhouette: characterized by a small armhole, soft flexible interior canvas, a little fullness in the chest and shoulder blades, and a trim waist. The clothes are understated, with a controlled shape that is flattering and permits movement and comfort. This style has earned its stripes for individual elegance and fashion permanence.


Our women’s custom garments represent timeless, high-class personal fashion. The hand-tailored shell molds to your body, becoming more feminine with time, and ultimately your go-to garment – the first one you pull out of the closet in the morning. For more information, visit our women's website Flusser Femme.

The Custom Tailoring Process


Consultation and Measurements

Beginning with a conversation with Alan, we sit down to get to know you and what you’re looking for. We’ll talk through what you like, and we’ll make suggestions of our own based on the conversation. We’ll take initial measurements with our head tailor and design the styling of the garment together.



After 7 weeks, we’ll be ready to see you for a fitting on the garment. We’ll note the alterations, and make any major adjustments to your garment and to the pattern. We will also decide on the buttons together at this stage.



A week after the first fitting, we’ll have completed the adjustments and be ready to see you for the second fitting. This is more about fine-tuning, as the bulk of the alterations should be complete. After these nips and tucks, we’ll cut the buttonholes and do any other remaining hand-finishing.


Final Fitting or DELIVERY

If necessary, we’ll see you one more time for a final fitting to ensure everything is to your satisfaction. Once this is completed, the garment is ready for you to wear and enjoy. As our clothes are largely made by hand, they will settle and mold to your body over time. Because of this, we love to see you after you’ve worn the garment a few times to determine if we should make any final minor adjustments.